Will fishing be good tomorrow?


Fishing will be good tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter what time you go, it’s going to be good. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like. So long as you go, it’ll be good.

It doesn’t need to be public. You don’t need an Instagram account to fish.

It doesn’t have to be exotic. You don’t need a bunch of special equipment. Go fishing. I don’t care if you don’t catch anything. You can literally go with a handmade hook and a light piece of string. You don’t even need a pole, fancy reel, or hip waders.

All you need to fish tomorrow is humility and respect.

Fishing has become fancy. Once there are sponsors and highly specialized and expensive products available to maximize your fishing time, it’s going to make it worse. It doesn’t need to be.

Fishing has become NASCAR. I love NASCAR, but fishing was always about food. Our ancestors never needed a following.

Fish like the ancients

All you need to remember is that fishing is an interaction of humans with water. Just fish, and don’t overthink it. You can fish anytime of the day and still catch fish. Or not.

You’ll be better off than 99.9% of all humanity tomorrow. If you fish.

So go.

Fishing is going to be great tomorrow.

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