Mediterranean Fishing: Fulfill your fishing Fantasies

Undoubtedly, fishing is the most adventurous and active recreational activity, especially during the summertime. Specifically, saltwater fishing is definitely more active and difficult than freshwater angling because there are more chances to fight with big game fish. However, each environment has its ups and downs and that depends on you.

We would like to underline the fact that saltwater covers ¾ of our beautiful planet and the oceans contain 96.7% of the Earth's water. As a result, there are millions locations with different geological structures all around the world. Our planet is also compared to a big blue marble.

mediterranean fishing

Thus, we could say that the use of fishing methods depends on the location, fish species and weather conditions. We by reelpursuits.com as avid saltwater fisherman would like to present one of the most popular fishing destinations, the Mediterranean Sea. We are here to provide useful information about fish species, techniques and some of the worlds top fishing spots .

Well, are you ready to explore and fulfill your fishing fantasies? We can ensure you that the Mediterranean Sea is the place that will meet your fishing desires. Let's go!

Mediterranean Sea – Basic Information

First of all, the Mediterranean Sea is yet another one of the top fishing destinations and it is really popular amongst the game fishing anglers.

mediterranean fishing

Learn more: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediterranean_Sea

The Sea is almost enclosed by Europe, Africa and Turkey. The Strait of Gibraltar is the place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. According to several scientific surveys, this sea is full of life due to the large amounts of plankton.

Moreover, you should definitely lay emphasis on the fact that more than 500 species of fish abound in these beautiful waters. There are several circumstances that determine the taste of a fish and salinity is one of them. The Mediterranean Sea has quite high levels of salinity, so fish are concerned to be really tasty.

We would like to encourage you to try the real taste of the Mediterranean Sea and we promise that you will not regret it. There is no doubt that Mediterranean fish dishes are little culinary miracles!

Fish Categories

First and foremost, apart from a few fish species, fish that live in the Mediterranean Sea are different than US Ocean fish. There are some differences you should take into consideration and we would like to put them into three categories.

  • Category 1

This category consists of fish that basically feed on microorganisms that live in the sand or on the rocks, shrimps, crayfish, sea shells and mollusk like squids. These fish do not feed on other fish and live in holes amongst rocks or in shoals with other fish.

Fish species: Gilt-head bream, Sargo, Brown Meagre (also known as corb), Flathead Grey Mullet, Merluccius Merluccius, Solea etc

  • Category 2

Furthermore, the second category has all predatory fish that feed on other fish. They are really active fish and their visual system is highly developed.

Fish Species: European Seabass, Mediterranean Pike, Caranx, Horse Eye Jack, Red Porgy, Greater Ambejack, Common Dentex etc

mediterranean fishing
  • Category 3

Lastly, we would like to mention this category which contains prey fish which predatory fish feed on. If you see a fishing spot with lots of these fish, it is a good sign that the area has fish from category 2.

Fish Species: Mediterranean Sand Smelt, Sardines, Garfish, European Anchovy, Annular Seabream etc

Tip: If you are fishing from your boat and notice large dark «clouds» on your fish finder, you should definitely stop and fish.

Fishing Techniques and Top Fishing Spots (Fish Like the Locals)

We devided fish into three groups so you can determine and choose the suitable method. Generally speaking, locals fish. All nature bait is legal. Live bait like crayfish, squids, shrimps, shells sardines or cuttlefish (or pieces of them) are used to catch fish from category two. However, you can use fishing lures which are also really effective.

  1. Shore Fishing

Firstly, the most popular techniques are casting with a simplr two hook rig and 50-80g sinker or match fishing with a pole. The locals prefer these techniques because there are many places to do it like beaches or cliffs. Shore fishing is really simple and you do not have to sped a fortune on expensive tackle.

If you want to use fishing lures, you can try the spinning technique.

The best fishing spots are cliffs, harbors or deep beaches with steep waters. If there is a river estuary close to a beach, it would be a good idea to give it a try. Moreover, if you see a place with lots of sardines or mediterranean sand smelts, you should definitely mark this place.

  1. Boat Fishing

It goes without saying that the best way to explore this incredible paradise is a boat. Fortunately, there are thousands of offices that offer various boats for every taste. Small boats equipped with an outboard motor for fishing fans or skeppered sailing boats.

Bottom fishing (check the rig for casting) is a really good fishing technique if you have a boat.

mediterranean fishing

Tip: If you want to change the spot multiple times you can use a floating anchor instead of the classic anchor.

Seamounts, sea wrecks and weedy seabeds are ideal fishing spots. The majority of boats are equipped with fish finders so you will detect the right water structure easily.

Finally we would like to mention two techniques which are also really efficient and most locals use them successfully, trolling and jigging. With these techniques you can catch tuna, swordfish or even amberjack.

Fishing License

Kindly check this link: http://www.fao.org/docrep/008/y5880e/y5880e05.htm

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