10 Gifts for the Fisherman Who Has Everything

How can you possibly find gifts for a fisherman who has everything?

As a completely optional activity (yeah, I said it!), any person who is super passionate about fishing likely already owns more stuff than he needs.  Sorry guys.

Rather than trying to decode your favorite fisherman’s subtle hints or unrealistically expensive gear obsessions, we’ll just tell you what will make him happy.

A Good Backup Reel ($20-$150)

There's a lot of good reasons to have a backup reel for a more advanced fisherman. He may have a malfunction or want to switch the weight of line quickly without having to re-spool. If your fisherman doesn't have a backup reel consider some of these options.

All Around Solid Spinning Reel

KastKing Centurion 3000

I'm going to nominate the KastKing Centron 3000 spinning reel as an ideal backup reel. It's well built, but won't crush your wallet (usually priced between $20-$30). It's a great option that should make any fisherman happy.

Don't be fooled by its affordable price.  KastKing may not have the same brand awareness as other spinning reel companies like Daiwa, Penn, or Shimano, but this is a smooth casting reel that will do the work.

Great Fly Fishing Reel

PisciFun Sealed Fly Reel

I'm really not sure why, but fly fishing rods and reels can super spendy really quick. 

The PisciFun is a highly rated reel that will cost about $100-$150 depending on options and colors. 

This is a great reel for both freshwater and saltwater.  A lot of fly fisherman are picky about their gear -- especially their reels, but this one is a great option for the money.

An Awesome Cooler That ISN'T a Yeti ($170 - $330)


If you're looking for the same performance as a Yeti without the outrageous price tag, buy a BlueCooler.

It's constructed the same and is just as tough, but is going to cost about 40% less. The 50L BlueCooler is the best bargain for the money.

I don't know a single guy out there that doesn't love saving a few dollars and usually feels bad for the people who are trying to buy him something.

A Sports Action Camera ($80 - $170)

GoPro HERO 5

I don't think the HERO 7 is worth the extra $100.  But, the GoPro is definitely the winner in this category.

What's important here is to get a waterproof camera which can take awesome shots.  It can also be mounted directly to a fishing rod which will enhance the excitement of any catch.  

I would seriously consider the ASAKO Brave, however.  It's about half the price and gives you nearly identical features.  It's more popular on Amazon than the HERO 5 too.  I haven't personally ever used the ASAKO, but my sense is that it's probably worth a look.  Given Amazon's premium return policy, I don't think you can go wrong.

A Classic Knife ($35 - $75)

I don't know a single fisherman who doesn't appreciate a good quality, time-honored knife. There are two quintessential, all-time classics that I believe EVERY outdoorsman should own.

Unfortunately, I know a lot of guys who own a lot of knives, but for some reason never got to these.  What happens is that these guys tend to either make due or have received many knives as gifts over the years.  

Trust me, if your favorite fisherman is missing either one of these two, you will be a winner.

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

Want to see your guy get emotional?  

Just wrap up a Ka-Bar knife and hand it to him. Trust me.

This is THE fixed blade knife that is in thousands of garages and toolboxes all over America right now.  It's is more of a tool than a knife, and if your favorite fisherman doesn't have one -- he wants it.  

I have two.

Buck 110 Lockback Folding Knife

Yep, this is the knife that pretty much anybody who's done anything in the outdoors will recognize.  

It may be falling out of favor with a younger generation, but this design is the ruler of them all.  It's not expensive -- shouldn't cost more than $40.  It's well worth it.

Bladed Ridiculousness


If we're being honest, this is the coolest thing on the list.  Straight outta Missoula, MT comes the D'Capitan from Zombie Tools.  It's a handmade nightmare of a blade (among many), and is thrilling in its sheer ridiculousness.

I discovered these guys years ago and bought one of their now discontinued machetes.  It seemed a little reckless at the time, but I've since discovered many uses for swinging that piece of steel beyond preparing for the apocalypse.

Is it necessary?  No.

Is it awesome?  Hell Yes.

A Camping Hammock ($25 - $52)

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

I picked up one of these hammocks when I was living in Hawaii, and it's pure awesome. I have many fond memories of swinging on the beach in one of these hammocks.  Now, that I'm back on the mainland, I would love to take this camping with me.

Depending on the color and availability, this will set you back between $26 and about $50.  I prefer the double because inevitably someone (or my whole family) is going to want to join me.  I paid a lot more than this at a fancy outdoor store, so online is definitely the way to go.

The Wise Owl has over 4,200 reviews and is currently earning 4.8 stars.

A Fishing Kayak ($150 - $780)

Here's a good guide to fishing kayaks here.

Depending on where your favorite fisherman floats his boat, you'll need to decide whether you need an inflatable, sit-on-top, or sit inside (cockpit) fishing kayak.   Also, don't be intimidated by buying a whole boat on Amazon.  You can return it if you need to.

Don't be fooled into thinking it's just the kayak that you're buying either. You need at least a few accessories including proper safety gear, a paddle (hope that's obvious), sound signaling device (aka "a whistle"), and something to pump water (hand pump).

Intex Inflatable Fishing Kayak

With a 400 pound capacity (2-person), this fishing kayak looks super dope.  Right now, it's extremely popular among fishing kayak enthusiasts because it's a lot easier to transport and get to some fairly remote access fishing areas.

There's also little hassle with transporting this (no roof rack) or storage.  Of course, since it's inflatable, some people are uncomfortable with the idea of it being punctured.  Make sure you've got a patching kit, but this is made of tough laminate PVC with polyester core.  There are some infrequent accounts of this leaking, so make sure you test this near shore to make sure you don't have any problems with your particular kayak. 

I wouldn't hesitate to buy this one online because it's got a great reputation (currently 142 ratings with 4.3 stars) with a lot of hours on the water.  No matter what, however, please make sure you also pick up a decent paddling lifejacket.

This normally sells for about $170.

BKC Tandem Fishing Kayak

If you're not comfortable with an inflatable kayak, the Brooklyn Kayak Company kayak is sort of a Cadillac with a lot of bells and whistles (built in rod holders, straps, cargo holds, etc).  But, you'll have to pay for it.  This is a sit on top kayak, so it won't be a good deal for colder water in winter.

The BTC is made of sturdy plastic.  This is as indestructible as you'll get in this class.

The Gift of Time ($0)

Fishing Time

Maybe I should have put this first.  

Seriously, the only thing that someone who loves fishing wants is a priceless morning (weekend?) or a few evenings to practice the craft.  If you can provide that, then your favorite fisherman will love you forever.

Here's the hitch: it's a gift.  That means, there's no other expectations.  No guilt. And, perhaps most importantly -- no tagging along unless specifically asked or insisted.

It's not personal.  Most fisherman I know sure love the social aspect -- sometimes. 

The secret about fishing is that a lot of times it has nothing to do with catching fish. Of course, that's pretty great -- and no fisherman likes to get repeatedly skunked, but some of my best days fishing had pretty much nothing to do with fish.

It has to do with connection.  So, help him connect.  You'll get a healthier and more engaged friend or partner, and he'll love you for it.  Best of all, it's free.  There's no shipping.

You really don't need a bunch of expensive equipment or special training.  You just need a line, a hook, and some time.

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