10 Best Winter Fishing Gloves in 2020

If you’re motivated (crazy? #addictedtofishing?) enough to keep fishing in winter, probably the second most important piece of gear is a good pair of gloves. This is the first. The best winter fishing gloves out there aren’t even that expensive.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade from your your silly Isotoners, read on.

What are the best fishing gloves?

  • Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves
  • Glacier Glove Ice Bay
  • Palymyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves with cut fingers
  • Berkley Fishing Gloves
  • Palymyth Waterproof Ice Fishing gloves
  • Lindy Fish Handling gloves
  • EnergeticSky Waterproof Winter gloves
  • BassDash Astro Sure Grip
  • Magreel UV protection Fingerless gloves
  • KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing gloves

Because neoprene has become way cheaper over the past decade or so, decent quality, waterproof gloves are fairly common. There will be tradeoffs in comfort and durability depending on how cold you intend to go.

My recommendation is to probably pick up a couple of solid options.

[amazon table=”5740″]

Editor’s Choice: Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

winter fishing gloves

  • Fleece layered
  • Finger Caps & Flaps
  • Comfortable
  • Neoprene wrist

These Bad Larries are best sellers on Amazon for a good reason. They do their job of keeping water out and keeping your hands insulated. Simple.

For me, the capability of pulling back the thumb and forefingers is massively important for fishing. This means you won’t have to keep removing your gloves every time you need to fix something.

If you’re ice fishing, however, this may not be as important to you because you’ll likely set and forget while you pursue the worthwhile task of keeping your beer from freezing. This means, you may be better off with a thicker glove or even mitten style.

I used these on a recent trip to NC and loved them. As a fisherman, I need a pair of gloves that would let me quickly manipulate my fishing rods without having to take them off. 


Most Popular Fishing Gloves: KastKing Mountain Mist 

  • Fleece Lined
  • Neoprene palm
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Highly rated

Again with the fold over fingers…

These all-neoprene options are the most popular fishing gloves on Amazon right now because of the quality for the price. They are high quality fishing gloves that won’t crush your wallet.

They’re currently selling for $29.99, but my guess is that you may get a better price in the summer or on a Black Friday sale.

I personally love the camo aesthetic with the orange lettering, but that’s just my preference. It’s not really going to impact your fishing at all.

Great design for fingers folding back. I love that they are neoprene. It should hold up for a really long time. 


Highest Rated: RUNCL Fingerless Fishing Gloves

  • Fingerless
  • Stretch fit
  • SPF 50 Sun Protection
  • Poly-spandex fabric

Besides being sorta ugly (sorry, personal preference), RUNCL presumably rhymes with UNCLE.

They are, however, the highest rated fishing gloves on Amazon (5 outta 5 stars w/ 97 ratings!). Coupled with the fact that they’re about $10 cheaper than all competitors, and they are one of the hottest selling fishing gloves.

Obviously, they’re fingerless, so while it’ll afford significant protection from water, sun, and chafing, it’s not going to keep the finger tips warm.

My recommendation if you were to use these in the winter would be to use them as a layer under a good set of mittens. That’s sort of the ultimate in my mind.

I am constantly taking my gloves off to fish. These literally I forget I have on on. They are moisture wicking yet have leather grip just where it is needed.

April Green

Too Awesome to Pass: BASSDASH Astro

  • Heavy Duty
  • Neoprene & Spandex
  • Innovative finger lengths
  • Very Comfortable

These are very heavy duty yet light. Of course, I love the name too… I’m a sucker for good branding.

You can definitely use them for fishing (their original design), but they’ll also serve well for paddling, sailing, photography, etc.

I love the graduated finger lengths in particular and most off all the heavy lined palms. These are very highly rated and worthy of a look.

I like these gloves for fishing and the finger lengths are great. Provides good protection, helps holding onto rods, and it is easy to hold fish. 5 Stars! 

Jay in Mescota

Mitten Minded: for the severely hardcore fishermen

  • Polytex shell
  • Stretch fleece cuff
  • Affordable
  • Polyurethane palm

Gloves aren’t going to cut it? Yeah, probably not for ice fishing, at least. That’s alright, you can’t go wrong with probably the most famous workwear brand ever: Carhartt.

These are highly rated and recommended.

If you are going to layer these, make sure you adjust one size up. But, for about $20, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Carhartt mittens in your icehouse or gear locker.

Minnesota winters are brutal, this year is the worst in many years. I was tring to find something to help deal with my age related and worsening circulation in my fingers – gloves just don’t cut it any longer. These mittens are great and I found them after an exahustive search.



Whether you’re saltwater or freshwater fishing, once the temp drops, you should check out some decent hand protection.

It’s really hard to go wrong with any decent pair of fishing gloves. Most modern designs are affordable, durable, and built specifically with fishermen in mind.

I recommend trying out a couple of different pairs and perhaps even using some of these gloves as a layer under some heavier duty mittens. These, combined with

Please, if you’ve got some good recommendations, leave them in the comments section of this post. I will update this list of best fishing gloves periodically as new products are marketed.

Good luck! And, keep those digits toasty.

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