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Sage One Series Flyrod Review

Those who take fishing seriously want to make sure they always have the best gear possible. One of the most important – if not the most important – items to have is a high-quality fishing rod. You want a rod that will be reliable and durable, and that is going to last for years. Some […]

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How to Choose a Saltwater Fishing Rod

If you are just getting into saltwater fishing, it is important to know and understand the type of gear you need. Even if you have been freshwater fishing for most of your life and have a plethora of items on hand (yeah, I said plethora — deal with it), it is important to realize that […]

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Best Gifts for Saltwater Fishermen: Holiday Buyer Guide

Do you have an angler friend and want to buy a memorable and special Christmas gift? Obviously, a fisherman has everything in his fishing collection and it is really difficult to find a good and precious present for him. If you have no idea about fishing, we are here to help you find the best […]

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Best Spinning Reel: Helpful Tips and Reviews

​Hello fishing fans, First of all, just to start out with, we all fishermen know that a reel is the most essential fishing tackle. You might think that the whole thing is reeling in-out, but that is not true. The main and most important characteristic of a reel is, in effect, the drag system. This revolutionary invention […]

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Best Artificial Shrimp Lures? Gulp, Vudu, or D.O.A Shrimp

Any fisherman worth his salt will have a few artificial shrimp in his tackle box. However, with so many plastic shrimp on the market, how do you know which is the best when it comes to catching fish?  No problem!  We’ve got you covered!  After countless hours of testing dozens of different brands, colors, and styles, […]

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Abu Garcia Orra Inshore Spinning Reel Review

After a week of “on-the-water” testing, we’ve determined that the Abu Garcia Orra Inshore Spinning Reel is a great option when it comes to mid-priced reels designed for saltwater fishing.While reviewing the Orra, we had the opportunity to battle numerous sea trout, a couple of bull reds and even a pretty good size tarpon and […]

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3 Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks (Reviews 2019)

To help you in your search for the best sit on top fishing kayaks, this article introduces you to three models you shouldn’t miss. In case you’re not fully convinced of the virtues of sit-on-top kayaks, here are 7 reasons why sit-on-top kayaks rule for fishing. Best Sit-on-top Fishing Kayaks 2018 Old Town Predator 13Ascend […]

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3 Best Trolling Motors for Kayaks Reviews 2019

While some kayak fishing purists may frown upon the addition of a trolling motor, let’s face it: if you want to spend less time paddling and more time fishing, a trolling motor is the way to go! For this reason, we searched for and reviewed several different trolling motors for kayaks, but in the end […]

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3 Best Fishing Backpacks for Anglers Reviews 2019

Since keeping your fishing tackle well organized and easy to find can be a challenge, we’re here to help with three of the best fishing backpacks currently on the market. While different from your traditional tackle box, fishing backpacks can offer several benefits, including better mobility and efficiency.  Best Fishing Backpacks for Anglers 2019 Wild […]

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