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Is the Striped Bass Fishery dead?

Reading about the state of the striped bass migration off the coast of New Jersey this morning, I’m again struck with a bit of discourse and melancholy for a world that I perceive we’re losing. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. Dying, yes. However, hopefully not dead. Hope is a lousy strategy. Of course, we know […]

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Why we should leave Giant Bluefin Tuna in the water

I’m guessing a lot of you are going to disagree with this. After all, this is a site about catching fish, and the Bluefin Tuna may very well be the ultimate fish and an angler’s dream — not to mention the potential payout on one of these monsters. There’s no doubt it’s exciting as hell […]

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How to Anchor a Boat on The Beach

During the summer months I love packing up the boat and spending the day with my family on one of the many spoil islands dotting the Indian River. It’s a great way to spend time out on the water! However, there is one important thing that you must know before you go and that’s how […]

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How to Make Homemade Fishing Lures With Paracord

What do you do when you need a fishing lure on the fly, but don’t have any? Maybe you’ve been stranded on an island without any gear, or lost all of your fishing lures when your tackle box fell overboard. No problem! As long as you have a piece of paracord, you’re in business. In […]

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Man Catches Fish With iPhone

We all know that iphones can do just about anything, but did you know that they can actually catch fish? Watch how this man catches a fish with his old iphone.  I’ve heard of people using old wrenches to catch fish, but a phone?  In some ways, this video really gets under my skin! Here, I […]

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