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Tarpon Fishing Boca Grande Florida: how to achieve ultimate success

Last updated on February 25, 2019 at 9:28 pm For many saltwater anglers, tarpon fishing Boca Grande is not only a goal, but the pinnacle of achievement. But for most mortals, tarpon remain out of reach; they’re difficult to locate, to hook, and their raw power and remarkable acrobatics make them incredibly tough to land. But, there’s a […]

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3 Best Life Vests For Kayak Fishing

The best life vests for kayak fishing aren’t just intended to save your life, they should also be functional and integrated into the way you fish. Your Personal Flotation Device (PFD), or life vest, is the most important piece of safety equipment you can have with you on your boat. But, that safety doesn’t have […]

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What’s The Best Kayak For Offshore Fishing

If the open ocean is calling your name, you may be wondering: what’s the best kayak for offshore fishing? Of all the places a kayak can take you, offshore is by far one of the most extreme, and gives you the chance to hook into some very large, pelagic fish. To give yourself every advantage […]

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How to Choose the Best Paddle for Kayak Fishing

Choosing the best paddle for kayak fishing is something newcomers to the sport often overlook. While any old paddle will do the job, there are certain paddle designs, materials, and features that make a kayak fisherman’s time on the water much more effective and enjoyable. Before you go off and buy a new paddle, use […]

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How to Cook Redfish: 3 Tasty Recipes

Throughout the Gulf South and Southeastern Atlantic States,  Redfish are one of the most sought after inshore species by anglers. Hard fighting and great for sight-fishing, Redfish are a blast to fish for and they make exquisite table fare too. Redfish have a light flavor and firm flesh, making them very versatile to cook with. […]

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How to Catch Mahi Mahi in a Kayak

If you’re up for an exciting new fishing challenge, consider learning how to catch Mahi Mahi in a kayak. Mahi Mahi, also known as Dolphin, are a beautifully colored, hard-fighting ocean fish, highly regarded for their sweet, mild-flavored meat. Fishing for Mahi Mahi in a kayak does require that you venture offshore, so there are […]

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Best Kayak For Fishing: Pedal or Paddle Kayaks?

Kayak fishing offers anglers of all activity levels and expertise a quick and convenient way to get off land, into the water and onto some fish. In general, there are two main types of kayaks for fishing: pedal kayaks and paddle kayaks. While some anglers swear by one type, other anglers swear by the other. […]

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How to Catch Redfish From a Kayak

Redfish are one of the most sought after inshore species and are an ideal target for kayak fishermen. They’re strong and aggressive, can be had on a variety of artificial lures, and make for exciting sight fishing in shallow water. Learning how to catch redfish will make your inshore kayak fishing pursuits well worth the […]

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5 Must Have Kayak Fishing Accessories

Fishing from a kayak is one of the best ways to get outside, cover lots of water and sneak up on hungry fish. Among the many advantages that kayaks offer anglers is the versatility and customization options available. You can think of your kayak as a blank canvas that you can trick out to fit […]

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