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Winter Fishing for Bass: how to fish in cold weather

Winter Fishing Overview Winter fishing for bass need not be as hardcore as it sounds. While it’s true that bass will slow down as the water cools, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the party is over. Bass function just fine in water 38 degrees to 90. Don’t be put off by cooling weather. We’ll provide […]

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The Best Bass Fishing Lake in Texas

Are you a resident of the great state of Texas, or are you planning a visit soon, so you can fish in some of the beautiful lakes, or down on the Gulf Coast? Well, if you like to fish for bass, and if you want to fish in the best bass lake in not only […]

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Best Spinning Reel: Helpful Tips and Reviews

We all know that a reel is the most essential fishing tackle. You might think that the whole thing is reeling in-out, but that is not true. The main and most important characteristic of a good spinning reel is, in effect, the drag system. This revolutionary invention is able to tire out the fish and brings […]

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How to Catch Peacock Bass in South Florida

If you live in South Florida and want to learn how to catch this beautifully colored and popular fish, this article will give you a crash course in finding and catching this beautiful, hard-fighting exotic fish. First off, you’ve got to have some motivation to catch a peacock!  Besides being fun to catch, peacock bass are […]

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11 Tips on How to Catch Big Bluegill in Your Local Lakes

Anglers in the know understand that learning how to catch big bluegill pays off big time. While often skipped over in favor of species like largemouth bass or walleye, big bluegill — 10 inches and up — can put up a serious fight, especially on sensitive rods and light line. Plus, a platter of fried […]

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How to Catch Big Bass: 5 Tips For Catching Lunkers

Learning how to catch big bass takes dedication, extensive trial and error, and lots of time on the water. You have to earn every pound of that lunker you’re after. That said, there are several basic tenets of trophy bass fishing that you can implement now to begin your journey to bigger bass.1. Decide That […]

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