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Spinning reels may be the most ubiquitous type of reel out there.  It’s suitable for both the experienced and novice anglers due to it ease of use and durable nature. If you’re interested in saltwater spinning reels, you can skip to our most up-to-date review.

Some of the most popular spinning reel brands include:

  • Penn
  • Shimano
  • KastKing
  • Pflueger
  • Abu Garcia
  • Daiwa
  • Okuma

There are many others, but what they’ll all have in common is some sort of drag system, which is essentially the heart of the reel and is going to allow you to keep a fish from snapping a line once caught.

Another “must-have” feature is instant antireverse, which basically won’t allow the handle to reverse every few degrees. This, plus the drag system is what is going to allow you to make progress to your ultimate goal of landing your catch.

Of course, there are many other factors in choosing your spinning reel including weight, material, line capacity, gear ratio, etc, but most will operate similarly if it’s a newly manufactured reel. The major point is — especially if you’re just starting out — I wouldn’t recommend spending a ton of money on a reel.  A reasonably priced reel that can do most jobs (of course, not ALL) will likely range from $70-$120.

All this said, the spinning reel is the absolute start of the journey, and is worth trying a few different rigs if you can. It’s surprising how the performance can impact your trip making it either miserable or enjoyable.  It’s worthy of your attention!

Browse some of the more in-depth articles below in order to get a greater sense of what you might prefer in a spinning reel.

Why Spinning Reels Matter – Find the Best Spinning Reel for Your Fishing Adventures

If you love to fish, then you love the catch.  If you’re like most, then nothing bothers you more than losing a big fish because of your gear.  Perhaps the most important gear you can have working for you – or against you if you’re not properly equipped – is your reel.  There are a lot of different choices when it comes to this aspect of fishing, but for the most part, spinning reels are the choice for anglers who really want to give themselves the best chance to land those big catches without problems.

The challenge, however, is finding the best spinning reel for bass, the best saltwater spinning reel… basically, finding the best spinner for how you like to fish.  It’s possible that you’ve read a ton of spinning reel reviews and yet you’re no closer to making a decision.  Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Reel Pursuits has helped countless fishermen find spinning reels that were perfect for what they wanted to catch.  Below you’ll find a brief overview of spinning reels, and if you’d like to take a look at the spinning reels on sale, click the link provided.

Spinning Reels Are Versatile

Some people we’ve worked with who were just starting to fish wondered if there was a specific way how to use a spinning reel, and our answer has usually been along the lines of, “Yes, anywhere and anytime.”  That’s because this type of reel works in saltwater, it works in freshwater and it works in just about any other setting. You can use one to hunt big game or pan fish in a pond. It all depends on what you want to do.

Spinning Reels Work for Every Age

Given that there are different spinning reel sizes, you can find one that’s going to work for an angler of just about any age.  You should start by finding a good spinning reel size chart to narrow your choices. If you want to get your little ones started with fishing early in life, you can find them something that’s perfect for beginners.  If you’re into serious competition, you can find the fastest spinning reel possible for your specific needs right here with Reel Pursuits. Regardless of how long you’ve been fishing or how serious you are, spinning reels are going to help you enjoy the sport that much more.

Ramp Up Your Haul

Finally, the functionality of spinning reels really makes a difference for everyone who fishes.  For example, many consider this great for bass, as the best bass spinning reel is going to have action that allows you to tire that fish out before it gets to your net.  In addition, if you have one that has an anti-reverse system and a durable drag system among other features, you’re going to be setting yourself up for success. Regardless of the direction you choose for your spinning reel, we hope that it works out well for you, and feel free to keep reading for more information.

Best Selling Spinning Reels

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