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Will fishing be good tomorrow?

Yes. Fishing will be good tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what time you go, it’s going to be good. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like. So long as you go, it’ll be good. It doesn’t need to be public. You don’t need an Instagram account to fish. It doesn’t have to be exotic. You […]

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Striped Bass: The Prince of Unpredictables

Consider the Facts Striped bass fishing is probably the toughest, most muscle-busting game ever camouflaged by the word sport. You will walk miles and cast for hours, clamber over perilous, barnacle-encrusted rocks.  You will fish night and day, from the beaches, from rock-scrabbled riverbanks and jetties, from the pitching, slippery decks of small boats.  You […]

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Ocean Fishing for Salmon

Salmon is one of the most popular fish in the world as a food source for a reason – it’s delicious. It also happens to be quite healthy. However, rather than heading to the local market to pick up some salmon that has been there for a day or two – or longer – why […]

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The Best Bass Fishing Lake in Texas

Are you a resident of the great state of Texas, or are you planning a visit soon, so you can fish in some of the beautiful lakes, or down on the Gulf Coast? Well, if you like to fish for bass, and if you want to fish in the best bass lake in not only […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Catfish Fishing

It’s hard to find a species more abundant and delicious than the humble catfish. So if you’re interested in filling your cooler with tasty fillets ready for the fryer, use this article as a guide to learn how to catch catfish and what gear you need to get started.Basic Catfish Rod, Reel & LineYou can […]

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Mediterranean Fishing: Fulfill your fishing Fantasies

Undoubtedly, fishing is the most adventurous and active recreational activity, especially during the summertime. Specifically, saltwater fishing is definitely more active and difficult than freshwater angling because there are more chances to fight with big game fish. However, each environment has its ups and downs and that depends on you. We would like to underline the […]

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