Can fishing line be recycled?

The only type of fishing line that can be recycled is monofilament nylon fishing line. The only people doing it right now is Berkley. It’s truly a wonderful service that Berkley does in order to keep fishing line out of the environment.

Left in the wild, fishing line becomes a major problem by tangling not only fish in the water but also birds and other wildlife. It’s truly nasty stuff that takes thousands of years to decompose. Be responsible for your own footprint and never leave this stuff in the water.

But, it is only monofilament line that can be recycled which is the most common. It’s another reason to use monofilament line besides its versatility and varying manufactured strengths.

Perhaps you’ve seen some of the PVC collection containers near your favorite fishing area. If not, you can always collect and send it directly to Berkley here:

Berkley Recycling
1900 18th Street
Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360

Berkley Fishing Line Recycling program details.

Look for these types of fishing line recycling devices. The contents will be mailed and recycled.

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