Will fishing be good tomorrow?

Yes. Fishing will be good tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what time you go, it’s going to be good. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like. So long as you go, it’ll be good. It doesn’t need to be public. You don’t need an Instagram account to fish. It doesn’t have to be exotic. You […]

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Can fishing line be recycled?

The only type of fishing line that can be recycled is monofilament nylon fishing line. The only people doing it right now is Berkley. It’s truly a wonderful service that Berkley does in order to keep fishing line out of the environment. Left in the wild, fishing line becomes a major problem by tangling not […]

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10 Gifts for the Fisherman Who Has Everything

How can you possibly find gifts for a fisherman who has everything? As a completely optional activity (yeah, I said it!), any person who is super passionate about fishing likely already owns more stuff than he needs.  Sorry guys. Rather than trying to decode your favorite fisherman’s subtle hints or unrealistically expensive gear obsessions, we’ll […]

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10 Best Winter Fishing Gloves in 2020

If you’re motivated (crazy? #addictedtofishing?) enough to keep fishing in winter, probably the second most important piece of gear is a good pair of gloves. This is the first. The best winter fishing gloves out there aren’t even that expensive. So, if you’re ready to upgrade from your your silly Isotoners, read on. What are […]

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Winter Fishing for Bass: how to fish in cold weather

Winter Fishing Overview Winter fishing for bass need not be as hardcore as it sounds. While it’s true that bass will slow down as the water cools, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the party is over. Bass function just fine in water 38 degrees to 90. Don’t be put off by cooling weather. We’ll provide […]

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Is the Striped Bass Fishery dead?

Reading about the state of the striped bass migration off the coast of New Jersey this morning, I’m again struck with a bit of discourse and melancholy for a world that I perceive we’re losing. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. Dying, yes. However, hopefully not dead. Hope is a lousy strategy. Of course, we know […]

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Why we should leave Giant Bluefin Tuna in the water

I’m guessing a lot of you are going to disagree with this. After all, this is a site about catching fish, and the Bluefin Tuna may very well be the ultimate fish and an angler’s dream — not to mention the potential payout on one of these monsters. There’s no doubt it’s exciting as hell […]

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Striped Bass: The Prince of Unpredictables

Consider the Facts Striped bass fishing is probably the toughest, most muscle-busting game ever camouflaged by the word sport. You will walk miles and cast for hours, clamber over perilous, barnacle-encrusted rocks.  You will fish night and day, from the beaches, from rock-scrabbled riverbanks and jetties, from the pitching, slippery decks of small boats.  You […]

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