Best Spinning Reel: Helpful Tips and Reviews

We all know that a reel is the most essential fishing tackle. You might think that the whole thing is reeling in-out, but that is not true. The main and most important characteristic of a good spinning reel is, in effect, the drag system.

This revolutionary invention is able to tire out the fish and brings it some steps closer to your landing net. Keep in mind that you are not pulling out the fish due to your own power which you apply on the rod.

Undoubtedly, there are many reel types on the market and the question is: which reel should I choose? Logically, since you are interested in getting a reel, this is the first question that will cross your mind. All fishing reels are separated into many categories.

Today, we decided to talk about spinning reels due to the ubiquitous use of the spinning technique. Furthermore, we participate in fishing discussions and came to the conclusion that the majority of people have queries related to spinning reels.

For this reason we decided not only to give you some tips, but also present some of the top products of the spinning reel category. Our reviews derived from deep research and personal fishing experience.

Features of the Best Spinning Reel-How to choose the Best Spinning Reel

#1: High Max Drag

As we already mentioned, the most important part of any spinning reel are the brakes (drag system). If you have a reel with a durable drag system it means that you can land the fish easier. It is a necessity especially if the target fish are large and heavy.

Moreover, you will be able to load your spinning reel with thicker line in order to increase your fishing efficiency. Generally speaking, the brakes should have 1/3 durability concerning the strength of the line (braided or monofilament).

#2: Quality and Sealed Protection System

The spinning reel structure is very simple. The mechanism consists of a drive gear, washers, ball bearings and small gears. When you turn the handle, you actually give mechanic energy to the gearing system and that makes the spool rotate (kinetic energy).

Actually, it is the source of the power. Consequently, all these small parts should be made of durable materials. They must be able to fight with harsh conditions and really big fish. However, the most important thing here is that all this system must be protected.

Saltwater, time and the elements of the nature are enough to destroy the mechanism even if you take care of it. Thus, the only solution is a reel with a sealed system.

#3: Anti-Reverse System

Undoubtedly, it goes without saying that the best spinning reel should have an anti-reverse system. Reels with this system are able to release line without rotation of the handle. Since you are fishing for big fish, there is a high possibility that the fish can break the line.

Abrupt movements and strong strikes will not scare you if you choose a reel with anti-reverse.

#4: Braided Line? Is it suitable for my reel?

Nowadays, many people use braided fishing line instead of monofilament. Obviously, the use of braided increases the success level even if it is not elastic.

Unfortunately, most braided lines are not abrasion resistant and many fishermen complain that they are useless. Manufacturers took this to heart and started to look for solutions. Firstly, they improved the spool structure and pick up system.

Secondly, they made the material smoother in order to minimize abrasion damage.

#5: The right Gear Ratio for Spinning

Generally speaking, gear ratio shows the rotations of the spool when you do a full rotation with the handle. This factor affects the speed of your lure. Obviously, you will not need the same speed both for mahi-mahi (dolphinfish) and bass.

However, before you get a spinning reel, you should know which fish species you are going to pursue.

catching mahi mahi

Here are 3 Amazon Bestselling Spinning Reels:

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Reviews of the Best Spinning Reels- Top Choices all over the US and Worldwide

It goes without saying that we tested all the three reels. Our decision to include the following models in the “top 3 list” derives from experience, research and reliable sources.

Just to make things clear both key features and other features are important. However, we separated the reviews in that way, so you can recognize some features immediately.

1. Shimano Sedona Spinning Reel

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spinning reel

First of all casting and retrieving is the main damage factor of all reels. However, some reels are able to withstand this and one of them is the Shimano Sedona. The Sedona Series comes in 6 sizes so you can choose according to the target fish.

The spool, rotor and body frame are crafted of high quality materials and it has many cutting edge technological advancements that we will explain below. After testing this specific reel series we can ensure you that it is worth to take a look at.

Key Features

Rotor Balance: The Sedona Reel Series utilize the unique Dyna Balance Technology, developed by Shimano, which is able to maximize balance. Generally, it makes your fishing experience smoother and easier. A weight in the rotor regulates the balance like in cars.

Line Management: Once again Shimano tried to create the perfect best spinning reel because they know that the line can easily twist. The propulsion line management release line smoothly and protects it.

More Features and Specifications

Moreover, the spool is double-anodized which means that it is corrosion resistant. Even if you have the best spinning reel with super durable mechanism, saltwater is definitely your enemy. Equally important is the anti-reverse system if you are after big fish.

Undoubtedly, it is a top choice of many people because it has not only really good features, but also a lightweight body. Weight is an important factor and it can affect your spinning efficiency. As far as gear ratio is concerned, there are 5.2:1 and 5.0:1 options.

If you try to perform a full rotation of the handle, you will notice that the line retrieve is 24-33 inches. It is just perfect for a natural lure action and floatation.


· Great balance

· High max drag

· Good spool design and cut

· Affordable


· Could have more ball bearings

· High line capacity

Final Verdict

Finally, we think that the Shimano Sedona is an excellent spinning reel selection. Despite the fact that it has not many ball bearings, we can assure you that the amount plays no important role. The weight and the performance will surprise you.

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spinning reel

Five incredible models are here to play a significant role in your spinning fishing experience. Okuma inspired and continues to inspire thousands of anglers all over the world. The gearing system, the frame, the washers and all other parts are machine cut.

Emphasis should be laid on the fact that it is lightweight and that is the main reason why we included it.

Key Features

Ball Bearings: Although the amount of ball bearings does not play an important role, this reel has 8 of them. The word “smooth” is enough to describe this feature.

Gearing System: The elliptical gearing system is unique and gives you a more balanced motion.

More Features and Specifications

There is no doubt that it is a good tool. Balance is the key to success and Okuma took care of it. RESII technology eliminates the wobble when you retrieve line. Additionally, it has a rigid body paired with an aluminum spool.

Aluminum is not only lightweight, but also durable. If you take a closer look at the specs you will see that it says 2 ton. Generally speaking, it means that it has two coatings-layers of aluminum. Okuma delivers all new technologies incorporated in one single spinning reel.


· Lightweight

· Nice Cut

· Elliptical Oscillation System

· Smoothness


· Low line capacity

· Not sealed spool (the design of the spool frame has multiple small holes)

Final Verdict

The Ceymar reel is recognizable due to the large EVA knob on the handle. The point is that it has a very good gearing system. The gears, the pinion and the ball bearing are made of high materials and they are all machine computer cut.

Accuracy and durability are the reasons why the reel deserves a place as the best spinning reel.

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spinning reel

Finally, if you want to invest in a really good spinning reel, we would like to suggest the Penn Slammer 3. You will never regret that you bought this reel. Whether you are a mad or new-fresh angler you probably know that you buy Penn only once.

Actually, this phrase does not abstain from the truth, because this company pays close attention to the materials, structure and modern fishing demands. Otto Henze founded Penn 85 years ago and it is still one of the top brands all over the world. The majority of the reels are “made in Usa” and they are all designed to serve the specific fishing requirements.

Needless to say, the Penn Slammer iii features unique technologies which you cannot find in other reels.

Key Features

Sealed System? Check

High Max Drag and strong drag system? Check

Multiple Ball Bearings? Check

Cutting Edge Gearing Technology? Check

Anti-Skid Spool? Check

Dura Drag System:

What is a Dura Drag?

Please check the link above. In a few words it is a formula that protects the reel from abrasion especially if you have to fight a big fish.


What is IP Code?

This system makes the reel waterproof. It is like a protection rubber gasket that does not allow water to penetrate into the gearing system.

More Features and Specifications

Max drag 30-60 lbs. is enough to make you understand that it is designed to fight big fish. In addition, we would like to underline the fact that it is both monofilament and braided line compatible. The rings on the spool will inform you about how much line is left on the spool.


· Sealed system

· Excellent gearings system

· Sealed system

· Waterproof


· Heavy

Final Verdict

Summarizing this was the last best spinning reel of the roundup. Many people use it and all of them are happy with the results.

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To sum up, spinning is a technique that gifts us fishermen with many unforgettable moments. Tension and suspense will keep your adrenaline levels high. Good mood paired with a good reel are two factors that will maximize the chances to land a big fish.

Hopefully, this article was helpful and do not forget to share it or leave a comment below. Thank you for reading.

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