Best Inflatable SUP for Fishing

If you want to explore new fishing grounds while getting a great workout, check out our top three recommendations for the best inflatable SUP for fishing.

Benefits of an Inflatable SUP for Fishing

While inflatable stand up paddle boards, also known as iSUPs, don't offer the same level of stability or ease of glide as non-inflatable paddle boards, they are a great alternative for anglers who are short on storage space or simply want a more portable option.

If you like the idea of an iSUP but aren't fully convinced that it's the right watercraft for your angling pursuits, consider these benefits:

Highly portable. Unlike a non-inflatable SUP or fishing kayak, inflatable SUPs are very lightweight and roll up into a neat little package that's easy to carry. You can load an iSUP into the trunk of your car, pack up your fishing gear, and get on the road in no time.

Easy storage. No garage? No problem. Live up three flights of stairs? Not an issue. Once deflated, rolled up, and tucked into its carry bag, an iSUP takes up a fraction of the space of a kayak or non-inflatable SUP. Store it in an extra closet, under the bed, or keep it in your vehicle for impromptu paddles.

Surprisingly stable. While we mentioned that inflatable paddle boards aren't as stable as their hard-bodied counterparts, you'd be surprised at how stable they actually are considering they're filled with air. For the most stable ride, look for an iSUP that's at least six inches thick.

Low price. It's reasonable to think that a regular hard-bodied SUP would be a cheaper alternative to a decked-out fishing kayak. Wrong! You're looking at spending at least $1,000 on a regular SUP, and that's not including the paddle or any other accessories. Each of the iSUP models we've recommended all cost less than $700, and come water-ready with a pump, paddle, and carry bag.

Great for sight fishing. Standing up on a paddle board gives you a high vantage point, helping you spot fish at greater distances. If you enjoy the thrill of laying eyes on a fish before making your cast, you'll love fishing from an inflatable stand up paddle board.

Best Inflatable SUPs for Fishing

1. Atoll 11'0" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

best inflatable sup for fishing 1

The all around best inflatable paddle board for fishing is the Atoll 11-Foot SUP. This iSUP is the longest and widest on our list, making it considerably more stable. It's also a full 6-inches thick, providing a very sturdy platform for you and all your gear, with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

14 D-rings on the deck of the Atoll give you plenty of places to lash down your gear. You can even use the D-rings to attach a kayak seat, in case you want to paddle and fish while sitting down.

The Atoll 11-Foot inflatable SUP is sold as a complete package that includes everything you need to get on the water — high-pressure Bravo SUP 4 pump, 3-piece aluminum paddle, detachable skeg fin, and a heavy-duty carry bag with backpack straps.

The Bravo pump included is actually a two-way pump that allows you to suck air out of the SUP when deflating for more compact storage. The detachable fin helps the SUP stay on course, giving you better steering control, but can be easily removed for storage.

If you're looking for a great iSUP for fishing that comes with everything you need, the Atoll 11-footer should be high on your list.

Quick Specs:

Length: 11'0"

Width: 32"

Thickness: 6"

Weight: 22 lbs

Number of fins: 3

Weight limit: 250 lbs

2. PathFinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 9'0"

best inflatable sup for fishing 2

If you want to get into SUP fishing while spending the least amount of money possible, definitely check out the PathFinder 9-foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

Compared to the Atoll 11-Foot iSUP, the PathFinder is shorter, narrower, and not as thick — all which equate to less stability and harder handling. But it's less than half the price. So, while you do give up some performance, the cost savings make the PathFinder almost too good to pass up.

The PathFinder 9-footer comes with everything you need — adjustable aluminum paddle, high-pressure pump, removable skeg fin, and backpack carry bag.

So, if you're itching to get into paddle board fishing but can't stretch your budget, the PathFinder 9-footer gives you a lot of SUP for not a lot of money.

Length: 9'9"

Width: 30"

Thickness: 5"

Weight: 24 lbs

Number of fins: 1

Weight limit: 240 lbs

3. iRocker Paddle Board 10' Inflatable SUP Package

best inflatable sup for fishing 4

Rounding out our list of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards for fishing, we have the iRocker 10' Foot SUP.

In terms of performance, price, and quality, the iRocker falls somewhere in between the Atoll 11-footer and the PathFinder SUP and is definitely worthy of your consideration.

The iRocker is very durable, made with three layers of military grade material with drop stitch construction. At 6 inches thick, the iRocker claims to support a whopping 350 lbs, so go ahead, let your dog climb aboard.

Three fins on the bottom help you keep a true course which is very important when you're fishing. There's nothing worse than paddling up to a prime fish-holding spot, only to have your paddle board drift off or spin before you have a chance to cast.

Along with the iRocker paddle board, you get the full package — adjustable aluminum floating paddle, dual-action high-pressure hand pump with pressure gauge, and a carry bag with comfortable backpack straps. Grab your fishing gear, head to the lake, and track down some lunkers!

Quick Specs:

Length: 10'0"

Width: 30"

Thickness: 6"

Weight: 20 lbs

Number of fins: 3

Weight limit: 350 lbs

Final Thoughts

If you're actively searching for the best inflatable SUP for fishing, you know that there are an overwhelming number of brands and models to choose from. The three iSUPs we've included here represent the best of the best across a wide price range, and we hope one of them suits you and helps take your fishing to the next level.

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