Best Fishing Apps: Useful Tools for Every Fisherman

Development of technology and science over the years has definitely affected the philosophy of fishing. Smartphone manufacturers utilized their products with cutting edge technological advancemenets. Thus, many people and companies developed various applications in order to help modern anglers.

‚ÄčArmed with a smartphone and the right reel, you could be the ultimate fish slayer.

It goes without saying that these apps fulfill almost all modern fishing needs and they give you access to new possibilities. There are apps with nautical and topographical maps. They show all the depths and structures you are going to fish in.

Moreover, if you want to share your ideas with other fishing friends, you can use a social media app. Just sign in with your facebook or twitter account and you are ready to share comments, pictures and locations.

Obviously, there are millions of apps and many people use them. We picked out the best fishing apps which are compatible with Android or iOS. We tested all of them and we think that they are really helpful.

Whether you are a newbie or avid mad angler, we can ensure you that they will change your life. Moreover, we think that the following apps stand out because they have three essential features: gps, maps and social media connection.

1. Navionics Boating Application: Best nautical maps and navigation GPS System

navionics app

Whether you are fishing from the shore or from your boat, we can ensure you that you are going to love this app. Gone are the days when the only way to find your fishing spot was an expensive fish finder. Fortunately, with the Navionics app you can have a high quality GPS with high definition nautical charts.

Furthermore, you can save your waypoints an find your favorite fishing spots with a click. Just set the route and follow the red line. The app is equipped with a speedometer and you can change the units. (miles, n/m or kts).

You can download the navionics boating hd app if you want a high definition boating experience. The app expires in 25 days but you can download the full version at a low price or download the app again.

The full version offers some additional features updates like dock-to-dock, advanced maps or plotter sync.

2. FishBrain: Share your best fishing moments with your friends

fishbrain app

If you have thirst for knowledge and want to share your experience with your friends, this is YOUR app. This app is the most popular community based application. Additionally, you can find new fishing spots and share your photos.

It is available in english, japanese, spanish and swedish. It is scientifically proven that if you have a fish on your profile picture, it makes you seem more attractive.

Read the article in Field and Stream.

The app was developed by Swedish anglers. The only disadvantage is that there is no nautical chart.

3. Fishing Knots Lite Version: Be the Fishing Knot Master

Well, fishing knots are not an easy thing! We are sure that you agree with us. Are you sure that your knot is strong enough? Will it ruin the line? Did you lose any trophy fish recently?

If you face the same problems, you should definitely download this app. Undoubtedly, it is really handy and it shows you 117 knots step by step. The plethora of knots is definitely a fact that sounds attractive.

You can learn how to tie the line on a hook with or without ring for every fishing technique. Moreover, there are some special knot tactics for braided line.

Is that all? Of course not.

If you want to attach a sinker, the app shows you the way! Do you want to tie 3 lines ? No problem. All ways are thorougly explained with pictures and videos.

There is nothing worse of losing a big fish. Both saltwater and freshwater fishermen will appreciate the app. The app counts 1 million downloads in Google Play Store and it is the only free knot app.

Some popular knots are: shark knot, grinner knot, the double loop knot etc. Every good angler must know the knots.

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