5 Best Bass Fishing Lures For Catching Largemouth Bass

To catch bass in any lake and under all conditions, you need a tackle box stocked with the best bass fishing lures and you need to know how to use them. The problem is that it's difficult to discern the lures that catch fish from those that just look good on the shelf.

To help you hone in on the most effective lures, we've put together a list of the five best bass fishing lures along with some tips on how to fish them. These lures have been proven effective time and time again by both professional and recreational anglers alike.

1. Senko Worm

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The humble plastic worm is perhaps the most versatile and effective bass lure ever created. Among the many plastic worms available to anglers, the Senko Worm is by far the best overall.

The Senko Worm is one of the most straightforward worms on the market and its strength is in its simplicity. It comes in dozens of colors and in several sizes up to 7 inches.

Any angler who wants to catch bass needs at least a few different colors of the Senko Worm with him at all times.

Plastic worms perform best when fished very slowly. The standard method of fishing worms involves casting, letting the worm sink to the bottom, slowly raising the rod tip to lift the worm off the bottom, then letting the worm sink back down while reeling in the slack. A bass will take the worm as it falls or will pick it up off the bottom.

Bass usually inhale worms, and the take can be very subtle and difficult to detect. Most of the time, you'll just feel some resistance on the line at which point you should set the hook. It takes some practice to get the feel for fishing with worms and you might miss a few strikes in the beginning, but once you get it down, you’ll wonder how you ever fished without them.

2. Booyah Super Shad Spinnerbait

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Spinnerbaits take advantage of a bass's natural ability to detect vibration and movement in the water with its lateral lines.

The buzz and wiggle of a spinnerbait draw a bass in like nothing else, and while the lure doesn't directly imitate anything found in nature, it often triggers an aggressive strike.

If you're looking for a new spinnerbait, get the Booyah Super Shad and you won't be sorry.

The Booyah Super Shad has four willow blades that flash like crazy and create an incredible vibration in the water when retrieved. It's great for covering lots of water and attracts fish from a distance with its enticing action.

The lure is inherently weedless thanks to its shape and is perfect for fishing in and around structure. It also makes a great contact lure when bounced off of logs and rocks.

3. Rapala Scatter Rap Crankbait

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Get the Rapala Scatter Rap and chances are it'll be your new go-to lure.

Crankbaits have always been great for covering lots of water and the Scatter Rap features a new design with a lip that gives the lure a very erratic action in the water making it even more effective.

As you reel in the Scatter Rap, the lure darts from side to side, just like a natural baitfish does when fleeing from a predator.

The Scatter Rap is available in eighteen colors and patterns that allow you to match the baitfish in the lake you're fishing. It's also available with several different body and lip designs for fishing in different depths.

The model we've chosen for our list is the Scatter Rap Crank and is the most versatile of the bunch. It's a great lure to tie on first thing in the morning when you aren't sure what the fish are hitting.

4. Spro Bronzeye Frog Topwater Lure

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There's nothing in the sport of fishing more exciting than catching a largemouth bass on a topwater lure. And there are few topwater lures that are more deadly than the Spro Bronzeye Frog.

This lure is perfect for fishing thick weed beds and areas with lots of lily pads. It’s specifically weighted to land on its belly and its two hooks are positioned in a way that makes it almost impossible to snag.

One of the most common mistakes people make when topwater fishing is trying to set the hook too soon. Many times, a bass will charge a lure and miss, making a huge splash.

If you set the hook right away, you'll miss. The key is to wait until you feel the weight of the bass on your line before setting the hook. Most of the time, if a bass misses, it'll come back and hit it again. Don't strike too soon!

5. Booyah Boo Jig

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The Booyah Boo Jig is perfect for short distance pitching and flipping and is designed to penetrate dense brush and weeds while entering the water softly for a subtle presentation.

It has a heavy duty weed guard that keeps the hook from snagging and has twin magnum rattles that add noise to the lure to attract bass even more.

In addition to pitching and flipping, The Booyah Boo Jig is a great lure to skip under docks where lunker bass may be hiding. It can also be used to fish structure in deep water as it sinks quickly and has great action in the water when bounced along the bottom. This jig is highly versatile and deserves a spot in every angler's tackle box.


If you're new to bass fishing and are building up your lure collection from scratch, it's easy to get carried away with lure selection and even easier to blow your entire paycheck on tackle you may never use.

Start building your collection by choosing a core group of lures that are very versatile. Keep things simple; learn how to fish tried and true lures like the best bass fishing lures recommended above and let your experience on the water dictate the next lures you buy. If you do, you'll be catching more bass in no time.

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