The Best Bass Fishing Lake in Texas

Are you a resident of the great state of Texas, or are you planning a visit soon, so you can fish in some of the beautiful lakes, or down on the Gulf Coast? Well, if you like to fish for bass, and if you want to fish in the best bass lake in not only the state, but the entire country, you have to make it a point to spend a few days on Lake Fork. Let’s look at a few things that make Lake Fork such a special place to fish.

Why Choose Lake Fork as Your Fishing Destination?

Lake Fork is a large lake that is located across portions of three counties – Hopkins, Rains, and Wood. It features 315 miles of shoreline and is known for the wonderful fishing opportunities it provides. The most popular fish in the reservoir is largemouth bass. In fact, this lake is responsible for 15 out of the top 20 Texas State Record largemouth bass ever caught.

The lake stocks Florida strain largemouth, and it is an ideal habitat for these fish. In addition, there are regulations on the harvest of these fish, which helps their population thrive. The limits for the largemouth bass in the lake are between the 16” and 24” slots. This means you can catch and keep bass that are less than 16”, as well as 24” or larger. However, if you are fortunate enough to catch a bass that’s 24” or greater, you can only keep one of these each day you are on the lake.

Some of the other types of bass in the lake include smallmouth bass, spotted, Guadalupe, and Alabama bass. The minimum length for the smallmouth bass is 14”. The spotted, Alabama, and Guadalupe bass do not have a minimum length. The total amount of black bass (all those species mentioned above) is five for the day.

In addition to the largemouth, or black bass, there are also white, striped, and yellow bass in the lake. For the striped and hybrid striped bass, the minimum length is 18” with a daily limit of five in any combination. For the white bass, the minimum length is 10”, and the daily limit is 25. There are not any size of bag restrictions when it comes to the yellow bass.

While bass are the most popular fish in the lake, they are certainly not the only fish you are going to find. There are plenty of others, and this is the perfect space to give them a brief mention, just in case you catch some.

Carp are prevalent in the lake, and there is no minimum or daily bag limit for the common carp. Channel and blue catfish, along with subspecies and hybrids, have a minimum length of 12” and a daily bag limit of 25 in any combo. For the flathead catfish, the minimum length is 18” with a limit of five daily.

If caught between December 1 through the last day of February, black and white crappie have no minimum length and all crappie caught must be maintained. However, from March through November, the minimum length is 10”. The daily bag limit for crappie is 25, year-round. Alligator gar has a daily bag limit of one no matter the size. There are not any bag limits on other species of gar in the lake. Sunfish, including redear, warmouth, and bluegill have no length requirement or daily bag limit. Trout, which are also quite popular, have no minimum length for rainbow, brown, or any hybrids or subspecies. The daily limit for trout is any combination of five.

Some Tips for the Bass in Lake Fork

When it comes to fishing for the most popular fish in the lake, the largemouth bass, anglers will find that the best times to visit are during the fall, winter, and spring. Some of the popular types of baits and lures used include plastic worms, plastic lizards, jigs, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits.  During the early part of the fall, topwater lures can do a good job, as well.

Take Care When Boating

It is possible to access the reservoir via the many boat lanes, which are buoyed. However, you do still need to be careful no matter where you are boating, as there is the potential for timber beneath the water to present a hazard. Always be cautious when you are boating and pay attention to your surroundings, and you will not have any issues.

Lake Fork is ideal for bass fishing, and it can present you with some other great fishing opportunities, as well. It also happens to be a beautiful lake, and you are sure to enjoy the time you spend there, whether you are fishing from the shore or from out in a boat. Just make sure you have the right rods, reels, lures, and the rest of the gear you need.  A good place to start is with Bass Pro Shops:

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