7 Advantages of Fishing From a Kayak

If you're stuck on the bank and don't want to go into debt for a power boat, a fishing kayak may be exactly what you need. Although people have been fishing from watercraft for ages, most anglers these days are trading in their bass boats, skiffs and canoes for highly efficient fishing machines known as kayaks.

If you're considering getting a kayak to take your fishing to the next level, here are five advantages of fishing from a kayak to help you make your decision.

1. Low Cost, Low Maintenance

You've heard the old adage about wanting to buy a boat: "dig a boat-sized hole in your backyard then start dumping money into it until it's full." But this is not the case when buying a kayak. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

  • Low entry cost. Getting set up with a fishing kayak generally costs between $500-$1,500. Of course, you can deck out your kayak with electronics, trolling motors and gadgets, going well beyond the $3000 mark, and you may want to, but most kayak fishermen do just fine with, and actually prefer, a fairly basic setup.

  • No fuel needed. Kayaks are 100% human powered. You are the engine, which means other than eating breakfast and packing a lunch, no money needs to be spent on fuel to power your vessel.

  • No boat launch fees. You can launch your kayak from just about anywhere and no boat ramp is needed, which means no ramp fees.

  • No insurance or registration fees. Unlike with power boats, you do not need insurance on your kayak. You also don't need to register your kayak like you do with a boat.

  • Low or no-cost repairs. When something goes wrong on a boat, the mechanic bill adds up quickly. But with a kayak, since there are no motors or technical moving parts, most kayak fishermen get away with doing any repairs needed themselves.

2. Increased Access to Fishable Water

You can launch a kayak into nearly any body of water, regardless of size, and no boat launch or dock is needed. If you've ever seen a fishy looking piece of water while driving, and wondered "how would I ever get a boat in there?" you'll love how easy it is to drop your kayak in just about anywhere you please.

Kayak carts open up even further possibilities, making it easy to haul your kayak into areas that are further from your car.

3. Stealthy Fishing

Kayaks are incredibly quiet. There's only the light sound of your paddle in the water, and when you're not paddling... silence. You can sneak up on spooky fish that even the quietest trolling motor would scare off.

4. Fish Shallow Water and Tight Spaces

Kayaks can glide through the skinniest water with ease. Although poling skiffs and flats boats can handle shallow water, so much more effort is required than in a kayak. Fishing from a kayak also allows you to get out and wade if the mood strikes.

The slim profile of a kayak allows you to squeeze through the tiniest channels, opening up fishing opportunities that no boat can get to. And since you're so close to the water, you can easily duck under overhanging trees. If you like exploring and finding those secret spots, a kayak is the way to go.

5. Better Casting Angles and Fishing Positions

Being low to the water has some distinct advantages, especially when fishing structure. In a kayak, you can skip your lure underneath overhanging trees and below docks where fish are hiding, casts that are very difficult if not impossible to make from a boat.

The maneuverability of a kayak allows you to gain ideal positions for every unique fishing situation you find yourself in. You can slide right up next to a bank and cast along the bank, keeping your lure in the strike zone for longer than if you were casting at the bank perpendicularly from a boat.

6. Highly Customizable

Fishing kayaks are very versatile and can be customized to meet your exact requirements. You'll find tons of great accessories available to turn your kayak into the ultimate fishing command center. Most fishing specific kayaks come from the manufacturer well equipped for fishing, but nearly every component can be upgraded for your specific style of fishing, the conditions your fish in and your comfort preferences.

7. Super Comfortable

If you're prone to fatigue from long hours of standing on the bank or in a boat, you'll love the relaxed position of seated fishing from a kayak. Most kayak seats are highly adjustable and are designed to be comfortable all day long. After you've caught your limit, you may just want to sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Kayak fishing is one of the most fun, efficient and cost-effective ways to chase your favorite species and is something anyone can get into. No longer do you need an expensive boat with a truck to haul it to get out and enjoy the water.

While there are many advantages to fishing from a kayak, there is something you must be warned of: kayak fishing is incredibly addictive and once you get set up it's all you'll want to do!

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