7 Best Places for Snook Fishing in Florida

We've put together of what we think are the 7 best places for snook fishing in Florida.

We chose these destinations based on our own experience fishing there, as well as information gathered from friends, family, and local fishing guides.

We hope you enjoy this list and welcome your input in the comments section below!

7 Best Places For Snook Fishing in Florida

Of all the saltwater species in Florida, there are few more readily available and table-friendly than snook. So, if you have a spare weekend and want to fill up your cooler with sweet fillets o' snook, we've got you covered with seven of the best places in Florida for catching snook.

1. Crossroads Area - Stuart, Florida

Over on Florida's Atlantic coast, there's a special place where the St. Lucie and Indian Rivers converge. This area is known as the Crossroads and it's where you'll find what many say is the best place to catch linesiders in Florida.

The Crossroads area is ripe with snook-friendly habitat. You'll find snook throughout the entire area, from back into the St. Lucie river, down around past Sewall's Point, into the Indian River, and through the many inlets and channels. Docks, bridges, jetties, and other above-water structures are abundant in the area, all providing perfect hideouts for snook.

The bridge pilings throughout Crossroads are some of the best places to haul in the largest snook around. Cast live bait such as mullet or pilchards, or soft plastic lures near the pilings and hang on!

2. Snook Alley - Sarasota, Florida

With a name like Snook Alley, how could this place disappoint? This snook hot-spot is actually located along a portion of the Intracoastal Waterway between Sarasota and Venice, Florida, and it came by its name honestly, boasting one of the largest populations of snook in Florida.

While you can fish Snook Alley during the day and hope for high numbers of quality fish, it's the night fishing that draws anglers in for the action. Head at out after dark and fish around the lighted docks and bridges. The lights attract droves of baitfish and shrimp, then the snook move in to feast with reckless abandon.

3. Bishop's Harbor - Tampa Bay

Bishop's Harbor is located along the south edge of the mouth of Tampa Bay. Terra Ceia Preserve State Park borders Bishop's Harbor, providing an abundance of rich habitat that holds healthy numbers of snook and many other species of fish.

While you can see the skylines of Tampa and St. Petersburg, the fishing in Bishop's Harbor feels wild and far removed. Mangroves along the shoreline and expansive flats are where you'll want to look for snook.

The fishing here is great year-round, and if you get the itch to explore beyond Bishop's Harbor, Miguel and Joe Bays are close by and offer even more snook fishing potential.

4. Chamber Canal - Indian River Lagoon

This snook spot is located near Vero Beach within the Indian River Lagoon system. Although the word "river" is in its name, Indian River isn't really a river at all; it's more like a long, expansive saltwater lake with access to the ocean.

Chamber Canal is one of the many canals along the edge of the Indian River and excels at keeping snook well-fed and happy.

Seek out docks, pockets, and points within Chamber Canal to find fish. Cruise along the mangrove-lined shorelines to find even more fish, but be sure to tie on a strong leader and be prepared to horse a snook away from getting tangled up in the mangroves.

5. Stump Pass - Grove City, Florida

Back over on the gulf side of the state, Stump Pass is an ideal location to launch a kayak or walk the beaches to get after some snook.

Stump Pass is situated between Don Pedro Island to the south and three land masses to the north — Manasota Key, Peterson Island and Whidden Key. The shorelines of these islands all make up excellent snook habitat and are great for exploring with a rod and reel.

Moving water plays a key role in finding fish in Stump Pass. As the tide moves in and out, bait gets flushed through the pass. Snook tune into the tidal movement and get their fill, and if you do your job, a hook in their mouth.

If it's a calm day with little or no current, you can always try the mangroves that line the channels and inlets throughout the Stump Pass area. You'll load up on snook, and don't be surprised if a few redfish and mangrove snapper find their way to your lure, too.

6. Tarpon Bend - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tarpon Bend is urban saltwater fishing at it's best. This unique fishery is located where the Tarpon River meets the New River right in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Large snook and tarpon frequent these waters, and while the tarpon are very difficult to catch, the snook are usually fair game.

Anglers fish Tarpon Bend in boats, or from the many seawalls and docks that line the water. Spring and fall are thought to be the most fruitful times to fish Tarpon Bend, but if you cast enough, snook in the 24-inch range caught be caught all year.

7. Little Card Channel - Florida Keys

Card Sound and Barnes Sound separate North Key Largo from the mainland, and Little Card Channel sits right between the two sounds. This area is best known for the large snook that congregate around the pilings of the main bridge that goes over Little Card Channel as well as the many small "back country" bridges nearby.

Strong tidal currents whip through Little Card Channel which can make the fishing tough at times. But with heavy tackle, you can take advantage of the abundance of bait at the mercy of the current in order to catch the snook that frequent the area.

To fish the main channel, a boat is a must. But if you don't have a boat, there are five smaller bridges along Card Sound Road that are great for bank fishing. Be sure to plan your fishing according to the tides when fishing Little Card Sound. Without moving water, the fishing often comes to a halt. But if you time it right, you'll have a full cooler in no time.


While these certainly are some of the best places for snook fishing in Florida, we've only scratched the surface. Snook are found all throughout the waters surrounding Florida, so start with the places on our list, and don't be afraid to explore and find the next best place.

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