5 Tips Every Saltwater Angler Should Know

Whether you're a beginner, weekend warrior, or “old salt”, there are a few tips every saltwater angler should know. In this article, we give you 5 things that will not only help keep you safe while out on the water, but can also help you catch more fish too, which always makes for an exciting trip.

1. Know the Weather Before and During Your Fishing Trip

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The weather is the most common danger facing coastal anglers and for good reason! It can change on you in a matter of hours, or if you live in Florida, a matter of minutes.

It's always a good idea to get up-to-date weather reports from several different sources before you go fishing and continue to monitor it while out on the water. If you see that bad weather is approaching, it's best to head in immediately.

2. Clean Your Gear After Each Use

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We fishermen spend a ton of money on our fishing gear, so it would make since to keep it in tip-top shape right? Before each season, it's always a good idea to take your reels into your local tackle shop for service.

Also, make sure you spray down your rods, reels, and any other gear that may be susceptible to corrosion with freshwater after each and every use. This simple tactic will prolong the life of your equipment for many years.

It's also a good idea to rusty hooks on your favorite lures and change your fishing line at least once a year. If you use braid, you change it out every couple of years if you choose.

3. Take Care of Your Catch

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Regardless if you plan to keep your fish, or release them to fight another day, you need to ensure that they are cared for properly. If you plan on keeping your prized catch, then you need to put it one ice asap.

If you have melted water at the bottom of your cooler, then drain it first. You don't want your fish soaking in water all day long. Once you return to shore, you'll want to clean your fish. If you plan on eating within a couple of days, you can keep it in the fridge, if not, it's a good idea to freeze it right away, preferably in a vacuum sealed bag.

4. Let Your Tackle Beat The Fish

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You always want to match your tackle to the fish that you are targeting. This starts by setting your drag properly. You can do this pulling on your line with a hand-scale and adjusting your drag until the scale reads 1/3 of the breaking strength of your line. So for a 20lb test, that would be roughly 6.5 lbs.

When fighting a large fish, always keep the line tight and let drag do the work. Once the fish stops, then it's time to reel it in, always keeping the rod tip up and never reeling in more line than the fish allows.

Once you get the fish to the boat, use a gaff or net to scoop it up.

5. Learn to Love Circle Hooks

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Circle hooks are designed to hook a fish int the side of the mouth, preventing it from swallowing and doing injury to it's internal organs.

When a fish bites bait that's rigged with a circle hook, immediately apply pressure to the line and start cranking the reel until the hook sets in the side of the fishes mouth.

When baiting a circle hook, pass it through a small section of the live bait, leaving most of the hook exposed.

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Final Thoughts

Well, I hope you enjoyed these 5 tips every angler should know! While I can't guarantee that they'll help make you a better fishermen, or even catch more fish for that matter, I can guarantee that they will help you be a more informed fishermen while out on the water.

I would love to hear of some of your favorite fishing tips, advice, or hacks that have helped you out. You can leave a comment below or shoot me an email through my contact page.

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