3 Best Fishing Backpacks for Anglers Reviews 2019

Since keeping your fishing tackle well organized and easy to find can be a challenge, we're here to help with three of the best fishing backpacks currently on the market. While different from your traditional tackle box, fishing backpacks can offer several benefits, including better mobility and efficiency. 

Ditch Your Tackle Box, Get a Fishing Backpack

Most anglers grow up using traditional hard-sided tackle boxes. Depending on how long ago you started fishing, your first tackle box might have been made out of metal and weighed a ton. Even the plastic tackle boxes found in sporting goods stores are heavy and bulky.

While these traditional tackle boxes do provide a place to keep your tackle, they have a few inherent shortcomings.

  • First, the open-top trays only keep items in place when the tackle box is upright on level ground.
  • Second, the bottom section of the tackle box typically becomes a catch-all of junk — who knows what ends up down there.
  • Third, they can get heavy and awkward to carry, especially since you have to keep them upright.

Enter the fishing backpack...

Soft-sided, easy to carry, and with plenty of pockets and compartments for all your gear and tackle, a fishing backpack offers a highly convenient way to haul along your tackle and keep it organized with ease.

If you're ready to retire your old-school tackle box and upgrade to a new-school fishing backpack, here are three you shouldn't miss.

Our Picks for The Best Fishing Backpacks

1. Wild River 3508 Multi-Tackle Backpack

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If you're looking for a way to carry all your tackle, tools, extra spools of line, extra reels, and your lunch with you to the river or pier, the Wild River 3508 Multi-Tackle Backpack has plenty of space for it all.

The largest zippered pocket on the front of the pack is sized to hold four 3500-style tackle trays.

The bag is available for purchase with or without the trays, and extra trays are very easy to find online or in stores.

And since the trays are fully removable and not built into the bag, you can change out trays depending on where you're fishing on a given day — maybe on Saturday you want to go bass fishing, but on Sunday you want to go surf fishing...

Simply organize your tackle by water type or species and swap them out depending on where you're going.

In the upper section of the backpack, there's a large zippered bucket pocket that is a great place to store your lunch, bottles of water, and all the other necessities for a day of fishing.

The upper flap of this pocket has a clear plastic pocket that's ideal for keeping your fishing license, maps, or other items you need readily accessible.

On both sides of the backpack, there are two medium sized zippered pockets that are perfect for keeping extra spools of line, extra bags of soft plastic lures, and all your fishing gadgets. Elastic mesh pockets on the bottom of the two side pockets offer space to keep tools like your bait knife handy.

Adjustable backpack straps give you a convenient way to carry along your tackle, especially if you have a long walk from the car to your fishing spot. The Wild River 3508 Mult-Tackle Backpack is available in small and large sizes.

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For those who need to bring along a moderate amount of tackle and don't require a ton of extra space, the Flambeau Outdoors 3005 Tackle Station is a great option.

It's smaller and more compact than the Wild River backpack but has enough space to hold five "Tuff 'Tainers" and one spinnerbait box.

Inside the 3005 Tackle Station, you'll find one of the most interesting features: a special compartment that holds a spool of fishing line with a small feeder hole to access the line from the outside of the bag.

This convenient little feature can really come in handy, especially if you change lures frequently and always find yourself tying on new leaders.

Four side pockets give you space to keep your smaller items and tools, and backpack straps offer an easy way to carry the bag.

Overall, the Flambeau Outdoors 3005 Tackle Station is a simple, useful tackle bag that offers a great way to keep your tackle organized. Plus, it comes in under the $50 mark, making it one of the most affordable options out there.

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One of the more unconventional options for tackle storage is the Piscifun Shoulder Tackle Bag.

It's a sling-style bag, not a backpack, and is designed to be worn while fishing.

It's the perfect tackle bag for anglers who like to move around and try new spots while keeping all their tools and tackle within easy reach at all times.

While the Piscifun Shoulder Tackle Bag isn't the largest bag out there, it has 10 pockets throughout that give you plenty of space to keep your on-the-water essentials.

The main compartment is large enough to hold one medium- or two small-sized tackle boxes, and there's a padded inner pocket inside that you can use to store an iPad or tablet.

Multiple smaller pockets on the exterior of the bag offer space to hold extra spools of line, fishing pliers, baits, gadgets, snacks, or anything else. There's also a water bottle holder on the side of the pack.

The unique messenger-style design of the Piscifun Shoulder Tackle Bag can be easily pushed out of the way leaving your arms free for casting and fighting fish.

The bag is made out of heavy-duty 1000 denier nylon and has a very tactical look. It's available in six colors and is very reasonably priced.

If you're looking for a tackle bag that you can wear all day long as you travel from honey hole to honey hole, definitely check out the Piscifun Multi Pockets Single Shoulder Tackle Bag.


If you've been lugging around the same old tackle box for years, it's time to upgrade to one of the best fishing backpacks we've recommended here.

If you have a lot of gear and tackle you like to bring along, the larger capacity of the Wild River Tackle Backpack has plenty of space for everything. If you like to keep gear to a minimum and like to move around from spot to spot, the Piscifun Shoulder Tackle Bag has some serious advantages.

Or, if you need a simple tackle storage system with the added convenience of backpack straps, the Flambeau Outdoors 3005 Tackle Station has your name on it.

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